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MOSP 2020 launch webinar took place on 24th November 2020 hosted by Rolfe Judd and CBRE

We are very pleased that the event was so popular across developers and other market players. We hope that the publication will be as helpful in designing office buildings as the previous editions which became the best tool to assess unified standards of the commercial office spaces.

To download MOSP 2020 Edition please click link here.

The Modern Office Standards, Poland Guide, 2020 has been written and produced by Rolfe Judd Architecture and CBRE.

Both companies are international businesses with substantial experience in the procurement, design, letting and management of office buildings. In addition, they also have substantial practices in Poland and are involved in the development of a number of major projects with many of Poland’s key office developers.

The purpose of this Guide is to provide a benchmark standard for office buildings in the fast developing Polish office market. The ability to assess the class of any office building is of great value for all the market players – developers, funds, tenants, agents and designers. We believe that this Guide provides a definitive and comprehensive assessment of best practice in terms of office building design, procurement, efficiency and occupational standards for the benefit of all participants within the industry.

There are 22 key criteria for determining office quality standards. 14 of these criteria are treated as obligatory (OB), as they comprise non-negotiable fundamentals in good office design. The other 8 criteria are treated as additional options for achieving a particular classification (AD). The absence of two of the additional criteria may not necessarily preclude a building from achieving an A-class rating. There are also lower class measures for B and C ratings.

The classifications should be applied equally across all markets in Poland, for buildings developed in Warsaw and in regional cities likewise, aiming at creating a more level playing field, consequently attracting world class tenants and investors to look further afield.

The Guide, originally published in September 2009 and re-published in 2010 and 2016, has proven to be a popular tool within developers, consultants, occupiers and investors alike. It has facilitated many design processes, assisted in the understanding of the requirements of a particular standard and determined many briefs, specifications and costs of a particular building type. The tool is particularly helpful for controlling cost and quality as the outline specification can be agreed early on in the planning process.

Many elements such as technology, users’ expectations, investors’ awareness and attitudes have evolved over the last five years and significantly impacted on the understanding of the building classes. This Guide is part of an ongoing process and will be further developed. You are welcome to contact us if you would like to discuss any aspect of the MOSP Guide.

MOSP only covers new developments and should not be considered when refurbishments and end user office buildings (built-to-suit) are concerned. It does not apply to tenants’ space and fit-out.

27th November 2020